About Me

Hi there!

I am Karthik Ragubathy. I am a programmer and a teacher. I currently work as a Solutions Architect with the Amazon Alexa Team and love working on tech trends before they become hugely popular.

In the past, I have worked with Dabble Lab, another #voicefirst company, where I worked on building intelligent Chat Bots using Twilio, Alexa and Google Assistant. I started off my career running my own bespoke app studio where I built Android and iOS apps for clients.

I love building useful stuff with computers. And in the process, I end up documenting what I learnt in the hope that it helps other people. Most of the stuff I build are on my Github or on my Youtube Channel.

If you would like to see me working on something live, join me on my Twitch channel and Discord channel where I talk about my coding adventures.

You can follow me on Twitter and Linkedin.