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Geeking out at Wordcamp Nagpur – 2017

I was recently at the first WordCamp Nagpur – 2017 as a speaker, speaking on “Securing your WordPress Sites”. While Nagpur has had little tech events and community meet ups, this was one of the biggest tech events to happen … Continue reading

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Securing your WordPress Site – Wordcamp 2017 | Nagpur

As a developer, I have in the past spoken in front of College Students and undertook Corporate training programs – but my first talk at a conference was quite an experience. Having set up multiple WordPress sites over the years … Continue reading

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Easier Webhook Testing with Ngrok

Picture this scenario : You have built a web app that has webhooks from other service. But everytime you want to test it out, you have to deploy your app, and keep a look out on your logs as the … Continue reading

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When CURL fails

Every once in a while, as a programmer, you seemingly come upon a problem that flummoxes you, irritates you and takes you through a wide array of emotions – and in the end when you solve it, makes you look … Continue reading

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Homo Deus : A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari

Buy on Amazon “Having reduced mortality from starvation, disease and violence, we will now aim to overcome old age and even death itself. Having saved people from abject misery, we will now aim to make them positively happy. And having … Continue reading

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In one of the recent projects that I have been working on, I had to look for a word in a phrase – but the challenge was to rank an occurrence of the phrase higher when it’s an individual word … Continue reading

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Deploying with Deploybot

I vividly remember the first time, I messed up a production server. It was my early days of being a programmer, and we had got our first client. Back then, my deployment strategy was basically to upload files using FTP … Continue reading

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Autosaving in XCode

While working on a Swift Project, I spent ~ 3-5 hours adjusting a few pop-ups and fine tuning design for a screen. As it so happens, while working in the zone, I missed any committing and committed the code after … Continue reading

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